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Free shipping throughout Italy starting from 69 euros
Free shipping throughout Italy starting from 69 €

Who we are

Welcome * to the Shop!

We are happy you found us! If you are reading this presentation page you are probably on your first order and you want to know more before you start trusting us, absolutely right! Ours is a small shop - run familiar - close to celebrating its first 40 years.

Where we are? In Gragnano , the famous "city of pasta", halfway between the Sorrento and Amalfi coasts. Yes, we are very lucky to work in one of the most beautiful corners in the world!

We have been online since October 2020. Through the stories of Instagram - where we very simply tell about our day in the Bottega - we added a pinch of "reality" to an online purchase and created a wonderful community of food lovers. If you want to get to know us better, start following us too!

Where do we find our products?

We are always looking for new products and this is one of the most stimulating aspects of our work.

High quality products, preferably handcrafted, beautiful and with a story to tell.

We taste the overwhelming number of products you find in the Bottega: hard work!

If you know products that are missing in the Bottega and that deserve to be added, a small company known during a trip abroad, etc ... don't even think twice about giving us some advice! AAA looking for gourmet inspiration!

Christmas is undoubtedly the most sparkling time of the year here in Bottega, but we are more than sure that you will always find something that tempts you and that is worth placing an order online immediately.

We have new arrivals every week. We also tell you those in the stories of Instagram ... another reason to follow us!

10 unmissable products that you will find in the Bottega?

- the french fries to Guinness beer
- the pink cookies of Reims
- Canasuc sugar cubes
- strawberry and champagne herbal tea
- the Gin mayonnaise
- the gianduiotto cream Lion
- the mini cakes of Wondercandle
- i Markolato with peanut butter
- the rose petal jam
- English candies at Baileys
Then there are the gift ideas, those that leave you speechless yes! The maxi chocolate bars to break with the hammer, the chocolate glazes and lipsticks, the wonderful La Via del Tè di Firenze accessories, the Neavita gift ideas and the fantastic creations by Esprit Provence.
Tin cans? We have a real obsession! We really have all kinds of them. Wonderful those of Gradma Wild's that come from the United Kingdom.

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