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Free shipping throughout Italy starting from 69 euros
Free shipping throughout Italy starting from 69 €
Le zollette più eleganti di sempre!

The most elegant sugar cubes ever!

We have been retailers of Canasuc sugar cubes for several years, yet we never cease to be amazed by the elegance and perfection with which the small works of art of this French company are made! Yes, whoever makes sugar cubes with such particular shapes makes art, there is no other definition possible!

Canasuc Paris transforms sugar with elegance and originality, always proposing new shapes to embellish tea time. Heart-shaped cubes, roses, teapots and the cubes dedicated to the Parisian breakfast will soon be available in the shop (small spoiler! In the shape of croissants, cups and brioches).

The heart-shaped cubes are offered in two versions: the ones you see in the photo is the Accroche Coeur, which is a sugar cube to be placed on the edge of the cup thanks to a special recess. Enchanting, right?
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