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Free shipping throughout Italy starting from 69 euros
Free shipping throughout Italy starting from 69 €
Teiere in ghisa che passione!

Cast iron teapots what a passion!

A cast iron teapot is forever, yes ... just like diamonds! But don't be scared, I'm certainly not referring to the budget.

I am referring instead to the fact that a cast iron teapot is practically indestructible ... if obviously treated properly.

A few small precautions are enough to keep it "healthy". First of all, do not expose it to extreme temperatures, which could deform it, and then always dry it after washing it, thus preventing it from rusting. In reality, the cast iron teapot should not be washed in the strict sense of the term, but rather "rinsed" with warm water, without using either abrasive sponges or detergents. Obviously no dishwasher, no microwave !!!

But let's go back to our Miyako teapot, finally available again in the Bottega. It is a Japanese-made teapot, in shades of white / ivory with gold details. Complete with a steel filter, it adds a wonderful touch of elegance to your afternoon tea… to that moment of your own that brings peace and harmony with it.

It has a capacity of 1000 ml and a medium-long spout for regular and uniform pouring.

We are often asked if it can be used on fire. The answer is yes, but always with a flame arrester. We can also use it on an induction hob.

In addition to the Miyako teapot in the Bottega you will also find other Japanese cast iron teapots.
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