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'After Dinner' herbal tea

by Neavita
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A herbal tea that thanks to fennel helps us in digestion and at the same time accompanies us at night thanks to the soothing effects of chamomile flowers. A balsamic note, typical of the peppermint that we find in this blend, gives taste and complexity to Neavita 's 'After Dinner' herbal tea. Also available in the loose version in Silver Tin.


Ingredients: Peppermint leaves (34.5%), chamomile flowers (34.5%), fin0cchi0 seeds (14.5%), green anise seeds, flavorings, natural peppermint flavor.

More info

More info

Store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.

Some data on the label may vary following updates by the manufacturers. For this reason, please always refer to the information on the product before its consumption.

Manufacturer: Hp Italia srl | Via Leonardo da Vinci, 5 - 35040 Sant'Elena (PD) Italy

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